We believe in equal opportunities for all

founded june 2020

Our beginnings

“Merkit SAS BIC” was born out of the need to combat poverty and inequality in Latin America. The founders of Merkit, after losing their jobs due to the 2020 pandemic, decided to start a digitally-based company that could support Non-Profit Organizations and through them be able to positively impact people who are in vulnerable situations.

They developed a digital platform to make foundations visible and generate transparency in corporate and natural donations. They have also developed and trained the “Robin Hood” algorithm to facilitate the supply of NGOs through companies that manufacture mass consumer products allied in their ecosystem. This company is known today as Donee.


David Zuniga

Founder & CEO

Musician and publicist with an emphasis on Growth hacking, passionate about communication, technology and social impact business models.


Ex-Chiper | Ex-Imaginamos |Ex-MINTIC


Armando Vargas

Founder & COO

Bicycle lover and business administrator, passionate about innovation, financial models, projection and business scalability with technology


Ex-Chiper| Entrepreneur

Merkit Ecosystem

We develop digital business models with a social impact focus

Merkit LLC

Mission | Vision


We are the digital platform that makes the donation ecosystem transparent, generating well-being for millions of natural and legal persons in Latin America.


To be the TECH company that revolutionizes the donation ecosystem by generating social equity and economic activation.

BIC Company

Merkit SAS BIC, incorporated in Colombia in June 2020, this country is only 1 of the 3 Latin American countries in being able to grant the surname BIC to commercial companies of interest and collective interest.

We seek to be a company that generates triple impact, in the Social, Economic and Environmental spheres, we plan to be a System B or B Corp company by the year 2022.

We contribute to the achievement of 7 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations in the constitution of our company and are reflected in our statutes, in this way we seek to fully comply with the SDGs that you can find below.

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